Hey everyone for this review I take on the part game known as Move or Die on the Playstation 4 also out on PC. With lots of characters, gameplay types, and mutators Move or Die is a lot of fast paced fun for you and up to three friends.#moveordie #moveordieps4 #ps4partygames#moveordie #This game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this reviewFor any and all business inquires please email [email protected] patreon for just $1 you get a shout out at the end of every video plus other rewards for higher pledges. www.patreon.com/cornshaqCheck out my stuff onTwitter https://twitter.com/cornshaqFacebook https://www.facebook.com/cornshaqInstagram http://instagram.com/cornshaqMy reviews are not influenced by any company or individual other then my own opinion. I will never review a game I was paid to check out however I do receive review copies of many games I review and always include in the description if I did receive it as a review copy. My scale is 0 - 10 for a game to get a 10 it must be a once in a generation style of game those that change gaming or have a major impact for years to come. I use the score of 5 to showcase a game that is average in everything that it does. It doesn't mean the game is bad its just usually one of those very forgettable games. In order for a game to get a 1 or 0 it has to be really truly awful filled with bugs and glitches, super short, way too overpriced, horrible controls, etc.#cornshaq #gaming #videogames #playstation #ps4