Today we take a look at the GoldenEar Triton 7 which is their least expensive ($1,400/pr) passive tower speakers, but offer quite a lot of sound for their diminutive size. The Triton 7 features dual 5 1/4" cast basket mid woofers, dual 8" passive radiators and their highly regarded AMT ribbon tweeter found even on their flagship products. The 7's have an 89dB sensitivity rating and are rated to play down to 29Hz. Check out Marshall's impressions in this video and be sure to check out our written review on the Audioholics editorial site.BUY NOW: sure to get your FREE Top Picks AV Guide here & you also get signed up to our FREE Newsletter (sent once a week) with the latest and greatest articles/reviews: to visit: http://www.audioholics.comFor more myth busting articles and reviews.FOLLOW AUDIOHOLICS ON : -------------------------HOME PAGE http://www.audioholics.comFACEBOOK PLUS