This review looks at the Lenovo Yoga Book for drawing purposes. In short, it works as well as it was marketed to do so.Here are some key features and important things to note.1. This is a so called 2-in-1 tablet. You can use it as a laptop or tablet 2. You can draw on the keyboard area with a pressure-sensitive stylus 3. The stylus allows you to use ballpoint ink on paper, or the plastic tip for drawing 4. To use the stylus on the screen, you have to turn on AnyPen mode in settings. It doesn't work well in this mode.Basically, just think of the Yoga Book like fusing a Wacom Intuos to a tablet.Here's my text review: US (affiliate link): UK (affiliate link): me on Youtube: ParkaBlogs: Facebook: Twitter: Flickr: Instagram: Gumroad: Patreon: