BUY FROM HERE - that Amazon's line of Kindles offer the best ebook reading experience and I wanted to explain some of the reasons I like the Paperwhite best.It really comes down to the overall experience being similar to a real book with a few non-intrusive extra features. The e-ink display itself is by far my favorite feature. Amazon keeps making it better and with the introduction of the latest Kindle Paperwhite 3rd Generation (2015) they've upped the resolution to match the Kindle Voyage at 300ppi. Other great features are the implementation of lighting, incredible battery life, and the highlights feature. There are plenty of other features I didn't mention like X-Ray, whispersync, and more. I just wanted to talk about the features I use the most.Yes, it doesn't do much else but the reading experience is fantastic, especially outside. Some of my favorite places to read are the Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, and Coit Tower. The lighting and climate in these places is often a perfect combination of cool temperatures and soft overcast light. The kindle's display looks better the more natural light it receives in contrast to tablet displays which completely fall apart.If you're someone that enjoys reading often whether it's long novels, manga, or even comic books, then it's definitely something you should take a look at.